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Shoestring Scientists is an eclectic group of makers, hobbyists, professionals, fans, and all around creative people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

Shoestring Scientists made their presentation debut in 2012 with their first workshop, Steampunk 203: A DIY Workshop, where attendees built their own ray guns from spare parts, and their first panel, Steampunk 201: Steampunk in Anime.  Since then, this group of intrepid (and slightly mad) creatives have put on numerous panels and workshops to packed-out rooms at nearly a dozen conventions. 

Noteworthy workshops and panels have included their signature Steampunk Ray Gun workshop, a presentation panel discussing Japanese localization of American IPs called Spider-Man Has A Giant WHAT?!?, dramatic readings and discussions of Japanese fairy tales, a tiny hat crafting workshop, and several other workshops and panels.

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